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Prof. Björn Falkenburger is teaching students during their clinical rotations in the Department of Neurology.

Medical students interested in carrying out their doctoral work in our laboratory can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We support applicants for the Promotionskolleg at the Medical Faculty of Dresden.

Prof. Falkenburger is a faculty of the DIGS-BB doctoral programme and in the Master's programme in Regenerative Biology and Medicine.



Prof. Dr. med. Björn Falkenburger
Department of Neurology
Dresden University Medical Center
Fetscherstraße 74
01307 Dresden

Office: Uniklinikum Dresden, Building 27 (DINZ), Room 1.517
Directions: Take the large stairs to the first floor. Follow the gallery; the office is between letters E and F on the south side of the building (i.e. away from gallery).

Secretary: Frau Anke Wobst, Room 1.518

Laboratory: Uniklinikum Dresden, Building 25, 2. OG, "VW-Labore"